About The Artist

Ernie Eldredge grew up in Homewood, Alabama, where art was always an encouraged activity. He was always interested in how things looked when they interacted with nature—particularly, the effects of light, shadows, perspective and color.

After obtaining a degree in Visual Design from Auburn University, he began his professional life in art as a freelance graphic designer. He has been an advertising agency art director and creative director, a packaging and consumer product designer, an illustrator of children’s books, a commercial artist and advertising illustrator.

View his commercial art in the Ernie Eldredge ARCHIVE.

Self-employed for most of his professional life, he has now found more time to indulge in a lifelong desire to paint. Eldredge’s art is primarily representational, with a concentration on technique and a variety of visual styles. They are exercises that try to alter ordinary images, scenics, and figures into art that speaks to the individual.